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Virtual Medical Billing Assistant

Are you a healthcare provider looking to streamline medical billing processes and boost revenue?

If you want to make medical billing easier while increasing your revenue, consider hiring a virtual medical billing assistant. 

A virtual medical billing assistant is a professional who can handle the complex and time-consuming tasks associated with medical billing. When you trust a professional to do your billing, you’ll have more time to focus on providing your patients with excellent care. 

What is a Virtual Medical Billing Assistant?

Virtual medical billing assistants are skilled professionals who specialize in handling medical billing and revenue management. They work remotely, leveraging technology to assist with crucial but time-consuming tasks. 

DocVA’s virtual medical billing assistants have an in-depth understanding of insurance procedures, billing codes, and medical terminology, which are vital in performing their jobs efficiently and effectively.

What Does a Virtual Medical Billing Assistant Do?

Our virtual medical billing assistants can integrate seamlessly into your everyday flow and take on tasks such as:

⮕ Patient Billing

DocVa’s virtual medical billing assistants can streamline the creation and sending of patient bills. They can resolve billing disputes, coordinate payments, create payment plans for patients, and follow up on outstanding balances. 

⮕ Coding

Coding is a complex process that demands a meticulous understanding of billing codes and medical terminology. DocVA’s virtual medical billing assistants are experts in coding and can assign the correct code for procedures and diagnoses. With proper coding, you can minimize the risk of coding-related claim denials. 

⮕ Claims Submissions

Processing an insurance claim doesn’t have to be frustrating and time-consuming. Our virtual medical billing assistants can handle all insurance claims, including completing claim forms, verifying patient insurance coverage, submitting claims promptly, and tracking claims progression until you’re fully reimbursed. 

⮕ Pre-Authorizations

Pre-authorization or prior authorization is a time-consuming process that involves receiving approval from insurance companies before patients can access certain medications, procedures, medical devices, or treatments.DocVA’s virtual medical billing assistants efficiently navigate the prior authorization process. They can enhance claim acceptance rates, helping patients receive timely, essential care while boosting revenue.  

How Will a Virtual Medical Billing Assistant Work in My Practice?

A DocVA virtual medical billing assistant will use secure remote access software to seamlessly access billing systems, electronic health records, and essential healthcare tools. Your virtual medical billing assistant can also access your computer network and phone system anywhere.

This allows them to make calls from your office phone number to communicate with patients and send insurance documentation from your office email address without anyone noticing they’re operating from somewhere else.

DocVA’s virtual medical billing assistants can change their flexible schedule to accommodate your needs. Even in different time zones, tasks assigned can be handled immediately outside standard office hours, leading to increased productivity and quick turnaround times. 

Yes. At a flat rate of only $10 per hour, you can hire our top-tier virtual medical billing assistant to complete the backlogged tasks you haven’t been able to get to. An in-house hire comes with a price tag, including office space, benefits, equipment, taxes, health insurance, and other overhead expenses.

When you factor in these extra costs, you’ll be surprised by how expensive just one in-house employee can be. DocVA’s virtual medical billing assistants are game-changers.

Hiring our virtual medical billing assistant can significantly reduce your annual staffing costs compared to employing an in-house employee to handle your billing. DocVA offers a cost-effective solution, allowing you to maintain a lean overhead without compromising the quality of your medical billing processes for your patients.

Effective communication is essential to a successful, long-term relationship with your DocVA virtual medical billing assistant. You can ensure seamless communication via HIPAA-compliant channels like Skype or Zoom. You can also use emails, phone calls, texts, and messages sent through your EMR or EHR.

DocVA’s virtual medical billing assistants ensure that patients receive clear, transparent bills, minimizing the anxiety and confusion surrounding healthcare costs. They also accurately and quickly process claims, ensuring faster reimbursement from insurance firms and reducing patients’ financial burdens. Patients appreciate easy-to-understand billing and efficient processes, which leads to increased patient satisfaction. When your patients are happy and satisfied, they’re more likely to leave positive reviews and refer your practice to family, friends, and colleagues.

Virtual medical billing assistants can access a great deal of health information (PHI). They handle payments for healthcare services offered to patients and submit claims.

As a result, virtual medical billing assistants must comply with HIPAA rules and protocols to keep PHI secure and private. DocVA is concerned about protecting patient data. 

Our virtual medical billing assistants are thoroughly trained and certified in HIPAA compliance to ensure that patient data remains confidential and secure. This guarantees they adhere to strict HIPAA regulations to maintain compliance, mitigating the risk of data breaches and associated penalties.

DocVA will send you an invoice twice every month. We’ll then charge your card on file for the services provided by your virtual medical billing assistant. It’s that simple. 

If you’re not satisfied with the performance or personality of your virtual medical billing assistant, don’t hesitate to let us know. We’ll match you with a better fit.  

Why Do I Need a Virtual Medical Billing Assistant?

Here are some of the many benefits of hiring a virtual medical billing assistant:

⮕ Reduce Billing Errors

Medical billing can be complex. Hiring a DocVA virtual medical billing assistant means getting professional help for your medical billing.

A virtual medical billing assistant can streamline complex billing processes and ensure claims are submitted correctly and promptly. Their high level of accuracy reduces delays or denials caused by billing errors and speeds up reimbursement, which contributes to a steady cash flow into your practice.

⮕ Prevent Burnout

With so many billing tasks taking your staff’s attention, they can easily become overwhelmed and struggle to maintain efficiency.

Enlisting the services of DocVA’s virtual medical billing assistants can significantly decrease workload and vastly reduce work-related stress. 

⮕ Retain and Attract Patients

Medical billing can be quite tedious and time-consuming. When you’re overwhelmed with paperwork, that’s time taken away from your patients. This can reduce patient flow, which translates to less revenue. A virtual medical billing assistant can relieve you of many time-consuming tasks. By handing off medical billing tasks to a virtual medical billing assistant, you can channel your energy and time into caring for your patients. Ultimately, this improves your quality of care and increases patient satisfaction. Satisfied patients tend to remain loyal and drive referrals, which helps grow your practice. 

Are you ready to focus more on your patients? Start by hiring a virtual medical billing assistant with DocVA today!

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